Male Fertility Tests

Male Fertility Tests and Semen Analysis

Looking at your sperm

The single most important indicator when considering a mans’ ability and likelihood of fathering a child, is the production of good numbers of motile healthy sperm. A semen analysis is an inexpensive test that establishes your potential fertility.

Who needs a semen analysis?
Anyone trying for a baby.

Especially if…
✓ This has been for more than one year
✓ Your partner is over 30 years old

What will my test show?
We examine your
✓ sperm count (how many sperm you have)
✓ sperm motility (how many of you sperm are moving and how well)
✓ sperm morphology (your sperm shape)

We also perform a number of other tests under conditions not routinely offered by the NHS, including:
✓ Mar testing (to look for antibodies that can cause your sperm to stick together)
✓ White blood cells (that show evidence of infection)
✓ PH (checks semen production)
✓ Analysis conducted to WHO standards
✓ Analysis performed by experienced embryologists

Cost £155

(£195 for The Doctors Laboratory, London. Prices do not including consultation)

Sperm tests explained

Following your semen analysis we offer a simple and full explanation of your results on the SAME DAY and any comments and suggestions from one of our experienced fertility urologists. We will also suggest a pathway of referral or treatment depending on the results.

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