Male Fertility Tests

Male Fertility Tests and Semen Analysis

Looking at your sperm

The single most important indicator when considering a mans’ ability and likelihood of fathering a child, is the production of good numbers of motile healthy sperm. A semen analysis is an inexpensive test that establishes your potential fertility.

Who needs a semen analysis?
Anyone trying for a baby.

Especially if…
✓ This has been for more than one year
✓ Your partner is over 30 years old

What will my test show?
We examine your
✓ sperm count (how many sperm you have)
✓ sperm motility (how many of you sperm are moving and how well)
✓ sperm morphology (your sperm shape)

We also perform a number of other tests under conditions not routinely offered by the NHS, including:
✓ Mar testing (to look for antibodies that can cause your sperm to stick together)
✓ White blood cells (that show evidence of infection)
✓ PH (checks semen production)
✓ Analysis conducted to WHO standards
✓ Analysis performed by experienced embryologists

Cost £155

(£195 for The Doctors Laboratory, London. Prices do not including consultation)

Looking inside your sperm

Swimming sperm

DNA Fragmentation Test

Semen analysis is a quantative test that looks at your sperm, the next step in male fertility testing is to look inside your sperm that is at the DNA itself to assess the quality of your sperm. A DNA fragmentation test gives important information as it identifies DNA damage in sperm.  DNA is the code of life, so damaged DNA reduces the chances of pregnancy and a healthy baby.  If the levels are high this is associated with infertility, higher failure rates of IVF and miscarriage.

Who needs a DNA fragmentation test?

  • Ideally everyone trying to conceive but especially if….
  • You have been trying to conceive for longer than one year 
  • You are considering IVF treatment 
  • You have had unsuccessful IVF treatment 
  • Your partner has suffered a miscarriage.

What will my test show?

Your report will give you an average percentage of DNA damage per sperm, a percentage of “normal” sperm and a percentage of highly damaged sperm.

Will I understand the results?

No! This is a specialist test so it is important that the results are interpreted for you in a clinical context by a professional. We will do this in consultation with you after a consultant urologist has reviewed them at no extra charge.

Can my DNA fragmentation be lowered?

Yes it can. We will advise you of an appropriate course of action to both investigate the cause and treatment options to lower your DNA fragmentation levels and ultimately improve your fertility, thus increasing your chances of pregnancy.

DNA Fragmentation Test

Cost £350 (including results explained by a professional).

Sperm tests explained

Following your semen analysis we offer a simple and full explanation of your results on the SAME DAY and any comments and suggestions from one of our experienced fertility urologists. We will also suggest a pathway of referral or treatment depending on the results.

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