Additional Fertility tests

If you are having IVF treatment you may also require additional tests. At our male fertility test London clinics we offer a range of male fertility tests and health screening diagnostics, not just semen analysis. These tests include: 

Karyotyping testing also called chromosome testing. This test evaluates the number and structure of a person’s chromosomes in order to detect abnormalities. DNA fragmentation testing is a related diagnostic that looks at abnormal genetic material in a mans sperm.

Y microdeletion tests this test is a specialist genetic test.

Male hormone profiling including FSH, LH, Testosterone and prolactin.

HIV, HEP B and HEB C screening.

Female hormone profile including AMH tests, FSH, LH, progesterone and prolactin.

Semen culture tests this semen analysis test examines your semen sample for evidence of infection. The sperm culture test is available in London and indeed all our clinics.

We can also carry out the usual sperm count test at our private clinics, although it is our experience that a basic semen analysis alone is not enough to provide you with the complete picture of your fertility potential. Whether you are looking for a sperm test in London or in any of the home counties, we can advise you on what tests are most suited to your unique circumstances.

Please call our sperm test clinic on 01753 891118 to book your private semen analysis in London and surrounding counties. We have appointments available on most days, including the weekend, and at a choice of times to suit your busy lifestyle. Call us to discuss our fertility tests in more detail.

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