Welcome to Fertility Solutions

Unique male & female fertility care competitively priced

Welcome to Fertility Solutions

Unique male & female fertility care resulting in high success rates

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PROMOTIONAL OFFER: Book a consultation to discuss your results for just £55. We believe patients should have access to affordable fertility care.


Why choose us?

Get expert fertility advice from the moment you call

Competitive prices

Evening & weekend appointments available at no extra cost

Fast results straight to your email address

A free follow up consultation if you don’t fall pregnant within 3 months

Multiple locations across London and Buckinghamshire

Sperm test in Berkshire

We are a consultant led clinic with a patient centred approach


What makes us unique?

We offer an integrated approach to male and female fertility

All fertility tests performed by experienced lab staff

The only clinic in the UK to offer cutting edge male fertility testing

Results reviewed by a panel of expert fertility consultants

We never ‘over-treat’ and will help you conceive naturally wherever possible

One of the only clinics in the UK to offer private post-vasectomy testing


Exclusively available with us…

Fertility Solutions is leading the way with innovative, cutting-edge investigations, not available anywhere else

Zymot Testing

Learn if this sperm processing device could improve your fertility treatment outcomes

Male Microbiome Testing

Discover whether your semen

microbiome is healthy

expert team at fertility solutions

Informal Fertility Chat

Speak to a fertility expert about your fertility during a 20-minute phone call (Wednesday & Saturday)


Our Reviews

All our patient reviews can be viewed through Doctify, which is an anonymous and verified review website. Check out our reviews here.

You can view our Google reviews here.


Most popular services

Male Fertility Testing

Including semen analysis, DNA fragmentation, semen culture and blood tests

Female Fertility Testing

Our expert team of female fertility specialists carry out your tests and explain the results to create a plan with you

Couple’s Fertility Testing

You both attend one of the Fertility Solutions’ clinics together. The couple’s fertility test covers fertility tests for both partners followed by a consultation with two of the UK’s leading fertility experts

a person holding a baby

Fertility Solutions is here for all your fertility needs

Under the expert eyes of Claire Mooney and Mr Jonathan Ramsay, two of the UK’s leading fertility experts, you will find a team of world class specialists ready to guide you on your fertility journey.


I have…

Just started trying

Get in touch to see which tests would be best at the start of your journey.

Been trying to conceive without success

Learn which tests would be best to work out why you’re struggling to conceive. Our knowledgeable team will explain your results to you clearly with advice about next steps you should take.

Had tests elsewhere that I don’t understand

Other clinics will run tests but not tell you what they mean. We’re happy to discuss results performed elsewhere to let you know what they mean for you and your fertility.

Had unsuccessful fertility treatment

We understand how difficult it is to go through fertility treatment and not have a baby at the end. We’re here to listen, test, and treat to optimise your chances of success next time

Wherever you are in your journey, we can help. Call to speak to a fertility expert today.


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Our Clinics

We hold daily clinics in London and Buckinghamshire

London Marylebone
London Islington