About Fertility Solutions

50% of all fertility problems originate with the man and 50% with the woman.

We investigate and treat both partners equally to give you the best chance of success.

I want to test my fertility

There are many ways to assess both male and female fertility. We offer the range of fertility tests including semen analysis, DNA fragmentation, female fertility tests and couples fertility tests.


Can I improve my fertility?

We often get asked by patients about improving male fertility or how can they reduce the chances of infertility? Well the answer is that there’s lots you can do to help improve male fertility.


Fertility treatment

With over 155 years of combined clinical experience in reproductive medicine and surgery, our team at Fertility Solutions treats a wide variety of male and female fertility conditions.

Book your appointment online

Use our online booking system to book your sperm test at a time and location convenient for you.

Your questions answered
  • Our semen analysis and other sperm tests are credible to the NHS and are conducted to WHO standards.
  • A semen analysis costs £165 - our full price list can be found here.
  • You will have your semen analysis results within 3 working days.
  • Other FAQs can be found here.
Get tested

Attend the clinic & produce your sample in discreet and comfortable surroundings. Your sample will be tested to WHO standards by an experienced embryologist.

Results & a plan

Your results will have been reviewed by a consultant urologist who will offer you advice and a treatment plan. One of our experienced staff will arrange a convenient time to discuss your results with you either in the clinic or during a telephone consultation. 

Worried about your fertility?

Let our experienced team help you.

Expert led fertility clinic

Under the expert eyes of Claire Mooney and Jonathan Ramsay, two of the UK’s leading fertility experts, you will find a team of world class specialists ready to guide you on your fertility journey.

The team

When you visit Fertility Solutions, you have access to some of the world’s leading minds in both male and female fertility. Our fully integrated team means we take care of every step of your journey for you from initial assessment and investigations to diagnosis and fertility treatment.

The mission

50% of infertility is caused by the man. We start with male fertility investigations as this is the most efficient way to begin your fertility journey. Our aim at Fertility Solutions is to give you the most information with the least invasive tests. We help you make sense of the medical information and provide simple, clear facts about your fertility potential.

The result

Having access to exceptionally experienced and qualified doctors for both men and women equally, combined with a service that meets the highest standard Fertility Solutions is a fertility clinic like no other.

Fertility solutions is led by world renowned urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay. We are an accessible fertility clinic treating men and women equally for both investigation and treatment.

We cover all investigations related to fertility including semen analysis, female fertility tests, couple's fertility tests and DNA fragmentation as well as discuss and explain your results to you.

Fertility Solutions is unique in its approach - a male fertility specialist to review male fertility concerns.

BBC Documentary featuring Mr Jonathan Ramsay

Check out our Consultant Urologist, Jonathan Ramsay on this intimate, personal and humour-filled look into the ins and outs of male fertility with Love Island star Chris Hughes and his brother Ben.

Watch now »
  • Taking the mystery away

    We help you make sense of the medical information and provide simple, clear facts about what is possible for you.

  • A different experience
    • A supportive, personal and caring approach.


When you decide to become a patient at Fertility Solutions, you will soon realise you are in the best hands to care for all of your fertility needs, you will sit under the Fertility Solutions umbrella which consists of experts in all fields of fertility.

UK leading fertility clinic creating happy families for over 25 years.

  • Outstanding results

    Highly experienced, integrated medical & surgical team dedicated to your success.

  • It's not one size fits all

    Tailored male fertility care that suits your individual needs.


50% of fertility problems are caused by the man, and male fertility can be improved for most patients. Our patients choose Fertility Solutions for not only our professional expertise and success rates, but also our personalised care and discretion we provide to everyone.

Improving male fertility enhances a couple's overall fertility.


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