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Natural Fertility Clinic

Verity Paz & Katie Flello

The Natural Fertility Clinic is run by Verity Paz and Katie Flello, natural fertility specialists. "The journey to conception can be a long one. With the strain of fertility issues being likened to severe depression, heart disease or cancer, complementary therapies can help reduce the physical and emotional stresses that can occur during this time. Our clinic offers the opportunity for regular interaction and ongoing, in-depth discussion of your experiences along the way, in a patient-focused environment." 


With you every step of the way

Couples often visit the Natural Fertility Clinic who have tried to conceive unsuccessfully for a prolonged period of time, they may have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or had several failed cycles of IVF. The team at the Natural Fertility Clinic promote a holistic approach to your fertility journey with in-house specialists and a unique referral network.

Fertility for men and women

Fertility for both men and women can be incredibly complex, the Natural Fertility Clinic spend time with each patient at their first appointment to understand not just their medical history but also their diet, stress levels, lifestyle, IVF history and so much more.

Success rates

Naturally the clinic's success rate is 25%. Fertility Solutions contributes to that greatly by diagnosing male fertility issues enabling couples to go on to conceive naturally rather than via IVF.


The Natural Fertility Clinic & Fertility Solutions

The Natural Fertility Clinic pride themselves on their patient centred, holistic approach. The team give their patients lots of time, consider all aspects of their life and health and either utilise their in-house natural fertility expertise or refer patients to one of the trusted specialists who are all leaders of their respective field of fertility.

The Natural Fertility Clinic have a team of natural fertility specialists who offer acupuncture, reflexology, fertility massage, clinical hypnotherapy and more. 


What's next?

Patients who come under the care of the Natural Fertility Clinic usually stay with the clinic for years to come as the team support them through pregnancy and beyond.

The team provide support and a kind listening ear to help navigate the challenges of your fertility journey.

The Natural Fertility Clinic hold regular clinics in Wokingham, Oxford and Maidenhead.


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We hold daily clinics in London and Buckinghamshire

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We understand that embarking on any treatment journey is daunting and fertility treatment is no different. The team at Fertility Solutions is here to guide you every step of the way. Our aim is to take the mystery away, help you make sense of the medical information and provide, simple, clear facts about what is possible for you.