Our Patients

Young mid-twenties couple

A young couple both in their mid twenties, had failed to conceive over a two year period. They lived in the area that did not fund IVF until the female partner reached 34 years old. They sought the advice of a reputable IVF clinic. The sperm count showed a few sperm and IVF using ICSI was advised. The couple were surprised and sought the advice of Fertility Solutions.

Simple enquiry revealed that the man used the gym regularly where he had taken the supplements offered as part of his fitness programme and which he believed were protein only for 2 years. The supplements, in fact, contained testosterone and within 3 months of stopping these, the couple conceived naturally.

A 29 year old man

A 29 year old man contacted fertility solutions as he was finding it difficult to access local services via his GP. He and his wife had been trying to conceive for 2 years without success. His Semen analysis revealed a low sperm count with signs of infection which can be easily seen down the microscope. A discussion with the couple revealed a strong family history of diabetes. Referral back to his GP revealed that the patient himself was diabetic and that he was suffering from a genital tract infection.

Treatment of both of these conditions has resulted in a 30% improvement in his sperm count and the quality of the sperm. The patient’s wife is now pregnant.

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