Female Fertility

We offer a female fertility assessment (sometimes called a MOT) whereby you attend the clinic and undergo fertility testing, followed by a consultation with an experienced fertility consultant.

We offer this service to women that are trying to get pregnant and also to those patients that are thinking about getting pregnant in the future. This service is offered at both our Harley Street Clinic in Londonand at our Beaconsfield clinic in Buckinghamshire.

We work closely with excellent Gynaecologists and fertility clinics that specialise in female fertility investigations and treatment. We ONLY work with fertility clinics with the highest live birth rates per cycle in the UK, that is your actual chance of having a baby for every IVF cycle that you go through. 

What does this include?

An AMH test, this test gives an indication of ovarian reserve and a pelvic ultrasound scan, this scan will examine your ovaries and uterus (womb). You will then have a fertility consultation to discuss the results and treatment options this will be conducted by one of our experienced fertility consultants.

Phot of IVF in action

How does it work?

You will need to first test the health of your ovaries with a blood test that measures your AMH hormone level. This test can be done at the clinic or at home using a home sample kit. You will then attend the clinic for a fertility consultation.

What happens at my consultation?

Our fertility consultant will discuss your test results with you, evaluate your individual fertility needs and will advise accordingly, tailoring an individual fertility treatment plan to suit your own circumstances.

What if I need IVF?

We aim to help you get pregnant by following a simple treatment pathway but when IVF is necessary we offer full IVF satellite services in conjunction with one of the most successful IVF clinics in the UK the internationally renowned Lister Fertility clinic.

Pregnancy rates for our patients

AgeLess than 35 35 to 3738 to 3940 to 42
Treatment cycle 55%47%38%29%
Egg collection  57%49%39%31%
Embryo transfer 60%54%45%35%
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