Semen Analysis

Checking your sperm quantity

Have a look under the microscope for yourself…. 

This sperm sample is likely to create a pregnancy with lots of sperm moving well with a good shape

This sperm sample will need improvement to create a pregnancy

The single most important indicator when considering a man’s ability and likelihood of fathering a child, is the production of good numbers of motile healthy sperm. Our semen analysis service is inexpensive and establishes your potential fertility 

Anyone trying for a baby, especially if…
✓ You have been trying for more than 6 months
✓ The female partner is over 30 years old (female age has a huge effect on fertility)

We examine your
✓ sperm count (lots of sperm are needed for conception)
✓ sperm motility (Your sperm need to be swimming and swimming fast)
✓ sperm morphology (The shape is important for fertilisation)

We also perform tests not routinely offered by the NHS but necessary to establish your fertility potential including:
✓ Mar testing (to look for antibodies that can cause your sperm to stick together)
✓ White blood cells (infection will affect your fertility)
✓ PH (checks for obstruction and infection)
✓ Analysis conducted to WHO

Your test will only be done by an experienced embryologist this is unique to our service and important because sperm problems can be subtle but very significant and an embryologist routinely processes sperm for IVF procedures so is best placed to assess problems.

Following your test, we offer a full explanation of your results as standard considering your own personal circumstances and on the same day. Your test will have been reviewed first by our consultant urologist who will offer you expert male fertility advice. We will also construct a pathway of referral or treatment depending on the results.

YES. There are many causes of infertility a majority of which can be improved with treatment. We work with consultant fertility urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay. Mr Ramsay is globally renowned and currently leading the field in men’s fertility:

We offer a sperm count test at our private clinics at a time to suit you. Our sperm culture test in London has a quick turn around for your result. The only sperm test clinic in London, indeed the UK, that is urological led. If you need male fertility tests in and around London, or semen analysis tests, please contact us and book an appointment today. It could save you thousands of pounds in unnecessary IVF treatments.

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