Couple's Fertility Test

Assessment of a couple's fertility for both now and in the future

Couple's Fertility Test

At Fertility Solutions, we believe that the man and woman should be investigated and treated together. Assessing your fertility as a couple, and working with fertility experts that specialise in both male and female fertility, gives you the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

77% of couples who visit Fertility Solutions become pregnant.


Why have a couple's fertility test?

To create a baby you need an egg, a sperm, and a uterus. It’s important that all these factors are healthy to achieve a successful pregnancy. The couple’s fertility test assesses the reproductive potential of both you and your partner. After your tests, you will have two joint consultations to discuss your results and plan the next steps on your journey to parenthood. By testing and treating you as a couple, we offer you the best chance of success.

Who should have this test?

The couple’s fertility test is a great option for couples who are currently trying to start a family, or who are thinking about becoming pregnant in the near future.

What 's included?

The following are included as standard as part of the couple’s fertility test:

  • Semen analysis - The male partner will have a semen analysis to check the quality and quantity of sperm in his ejaculate. The results of this analysis will be reviewed by our Consultant Urologist and will be discussed with you by an experienced Embryologist.
  • Ovarian reserve – The female partner will have an anti mullerian hormone (AMH) blood test to give an indication of the number of eggs in her ovaries.
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan – The female partner will have a pelvic ultrasound scan to examine the size, shape, and health of her ovaries (including antral follicular count) and uterus.

Together, you will have a fertility consultation with Dr Chapman, a leading consultant in fertility medicine. We will explain your results to you and construct a comprehensive fertility treatment plan.


Why choose us for your couple's fertility test?

At Fertility Solutions, we use a personalised approach to patient care. That means we’ll work with you to evaluate your individual fertility needs and create a custom treatment plan to suit you. As part of the couple’s fertility test, we include the following as standard:

Our expert Embryologist will discuss your semen analysis results with you and advise you about further tests and ways to improve male fertility, if relevant.

Our fertility consultant will explain the results of your AMH test and pelvic ultrasound scan and create an action plan to help you conceive.

By testing and treating you as a couple, we can improve your fertility together and increase your chances of successful pregnancy.


What's next?

The good news is that there’s lots you can do to enhance your fertility. Our expert team is on hand to give you guidance and support throughout your fertility journey.

Whenever possible, we help our patients to conceive naturally. If IVF is necessary to help you have a child, we offer a full and comprehensive IVF satellite service in conjunction with one of the most successful IVF clinics in the UK. Please get in touch to find out more. 


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