Semen Culture

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Semen Culture

A semen culture test looks for organisms in your semen that could be negatively impacting your fertility. If an infection is found, we will refer you to the care of a urologist (a male fertility specialist) who will provide you with the relevant treatment and support.


Who needs a semen culture test?

We may recommend that you have a semen culture test for numerous reasons, including:

  • A high concentration of non-sperm cells is found during a routine semen analysis
  • Your semen shows evidence of anti-sperm antibodies during a routine semen analysis
  • A high (alkali) pH is found during a routine semen analysis
  • Your clinical/ fertility history suggests you may have an infection
  • You have clinical symptoms of an infection

Although the above may suggest an infection, the signs are not always so obvious. You could have a genital tract infection without any outward symptoms. Consequently, a semen culture test is always a useful elimination tool to make sure you don’t have an infection that’s negatively impacting your fertility.

Does a semen culture look for STIs?

The semen culture test checks for some sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but also looks for the presence of other pathogens that are not necessarily contracted through sex. Infections of any type can negatively affect fertility.


Who will carry out my test?

Your sample will be sent to a specialist microbiology laboratory for semen culture testing. Your results will be ready within 5 working days.

Will I understand my results?

We will provide you with a full copy of your report following your semen culture test. If you would like to discuss your results in more detail, you can book an in-depth consultation with one of our experienced Embryologists. During this consultation, we will provide you with recommendations based on your personal circumstances and construct a pathway of referral or treatment if relevant.


Why choose us for your semen culture test?

Fertility Solutions is the largest provider of private male fertility services in the UK.

Outstanding male fertility specialists – If you choose to have a consultation, your semen culture report will be reviewed by our experienced male fertility Consultant Urologist.

No hidden fees - £129 for the semen culture test. A consultation is available for the reduced price of just £55 when booked with a male fertility test.

Online booking – No referral needed, simply book through our online portal.

Evenings & weekends - Available at no extra charge.


What's next?

If organisms are found in your semen, you will be referred to a urologist who will provide you with treatment for your infection. Once you have finished your course of treatment, you may be asked to have a repeat semen culture test to check the infection has been cleared.

Our expert team is on hand to help you, every step of the way. We work with globally renowned Consultant Fertility Urologist, Mr Jonathan Ramsay, who is leading the field in men’s fertility. Together, we can help improve your sperm health and put you on the path to parenthood.


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