Leading the way in male fertility

Fertility Solutions is the largest provider of private male fertility services in the UK.

We are one of the only male fertility clinics in the UK. We are unique in our approach - we provide highly personalised, tailored male fertility advice delivered by male fertility specialist.

Under the expert eyes of Claire Mooney and Mr Jonathan Ramsay, two of the UK’s leading male fertility experts, you will find a team of world class specialists ready to guide you on your fertility journey.


Our Team

When you visit Fertility Solutions, you will have access to some of the world’s leading minds in both male and female fertility treatment. Our fully integrated team means we take care of every step of your journey for you from initial assessment and investigations to diagnosis and fertility treatment.

BBC Documentary featuring Mr Jonathan Ramsay

Check out our Consultant Urologist, Jonathan Ramsay on this intimate, personal and humour-filled look into the ins and outs of male fertility with Love Island star Chris Hughes and his brother Ben.

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  • From the receptionist to the medical staff, we were given the best advise, a lot of empathy and brilliant service every step of the way. From testing to report it was done very quickly. Couldn't ask to speak to better people.
    Couldn’t ask to speak to better people.
  • The whole process was amazing and highly informative.
  • Brilliant service, got the results very quickly, I would highly recommend to everyone.
    A brilliant service
  • From the initial enquiry to the actual appointments very smooth. Very helpful and supportive team. The instructions sent via email very clear and staff always at hand to help with any queries.
    Very helpful and supportive team
  • Great fertility clinic with amazing supportive team. Smooth process all the way through from initial enquiry to the actual appointment.
    A great fertility clinic
  • Simple, informative and experience of the staff gives you the peace of mind you crave during a difficult situation.
    Experience of the staff gives you the peace of mind you crave

A world class male fertility clinic going the extra mile

Our aim at Fertility Solutions is to take the mystery away, help you make sense of the medical information and provide simple, clear facts about what is possible for you.

  • Highly experienced, integrated medical and surgical team dedicated to your success
  • A supportive, personal and caring approach
  • Our team covers all aspects of male and female fertility
  • World-class technology and access to the latest diagnostics and treatment options
  • Exceptional quality fertility management programme
  • Excellent success rates
  • Tailored male fertility care that suits your individual needs
  • Convenient appointment times, including weekend and evenings
  • Direct telephone access to the clinic
We are here to help you

A single phone call to us puts the process of starting a family in motion. The exceptional team at Fertility Solutions are on hand to help you and schedule a consultation with the correct member of our team.

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Our Clinics

We hold daily clinics at six prominent private hospitals. Clinics take place to fit in around busy lives in discreet, private and comfortable surroundings.


Patient journey

Book your appointment

Chat to our experienced team and book your appointment over the phone or online. Choose from one of our six clinics at a time to suit you.

Get connected

We will correspond with you by email and connect you to our booking forum. A member of our experienced team will always message you back within a few hours with any fertility queries.

Get tested

Attend the clinic and produce your sample in discreet and comfortable surroundings. Your sample will be tested to WHO standards by an experienced Embryologist.

Receive your results

Get your semen analysis results by secure email written in a format you can understand.

Get expert advice

One of our experienced staff will arrange a convenient time to discuss your results with you either in the clinic or during a telephone consultation.

Make a plan

Your results will have been reviewed by a consultant urologist who will offer you advice and a treatment plan.


We work with the very best fertility consultants and can refer you to an appropriate specialist.