FAQs – some concerns and questions

FAQS - some concerns and questions we often get asked.

Do we do semen analysis?
Yes – 100%, we do and it costs £185. This includes the test in an accredited lab, analysis by a consultant embryologist, review by leading male fertility consultant urologist, Mr Jonathan Ramsay, and a 20 minute detail follow up with our embryologist (for a reduced consultation fee).

Are our reports credible to the NHS?
Yes – definitely.

When will I get my results?
You will get your results and report within 3 working days.

Where can I have my tests done? We hold daily clinics at five prominent private hospitals. Clinics take place to fit in around busy lives in discreet, private and comfortable  surroundings. We currently offer both face to face and virtual consultations and you can will have your results on the same day as your investigations. See our clinic locations here.

Do I need a GP/Consultant referral?
No – you can refer yourself to any of our 5 clinic locations.

Will you send anything to my home address?
No – we only email results to your email address using secure software.

I am busy and don’t want to take time off work can I get a convenient appointment?
Yes – we have clinics in 5 different locations during the day, the evening and on the weekend.

I find this process embarrassing and I’m worried I won’t be able to produce my sample on the day?
This is a completely normal concern we understand that this is not something that you have had to do in a clinical environment. Our staff are approachable and sympathetic, our rooms are comfortable, peaceful and discreet with ensuite facilities. Your partner is very welcome to attend the clinic with you to assist you. You are also welcome to produce your sample at home and bring the sample to clinic or we can also arrange for the sample to be collected from the comfort of your home.

How much sample is enough?
The first part of your ejaculate contains the most sperm, as sperm are so small (thousands of sperm can fit on the head of a pin) even the smallest amount of ejaculate can contain millions of sperm and the volume of your ejaculate can vary.

Will I understand the results from the report I will receive?
YES – our reports are easy to read and user friendly and use a traffic light system with a results explanation paragraph. You can also book a consultation with us to discuss your results either over the telephone or one to one.

What if my results are not normal?
We are a specialist male fertility clinic and very experienced. We review your personal fertility history when interpreting your results and will provide you with simple explanations of your results and specialist referral if necessary.

Can you refer my wife for testing?
Yes – we work alongside the best fertility consultants and can arrange for your wife to undergo fertility tests.

Can you advise me of a good clinic to have IVF?
Yes – we only associate with the very best IVF units with the highest success rates.

Should I have a fertility test if a home test kit proved normal?
Yes – the commercially available home test kits only test for how many sperm you have not if they are swimming. Motility is vital to conception.

Should I have a DNA fragmentation test if my semen analysis is normal?
Yes – semen analysis only looks at the physical characteristics of your sperm, the DNA fragmentation test looks at the actual genetics of  your sperm. We know that high DNA damage in sperm is linked with failure to conceive, miscarriage and a negative outcome if you are having IVF.

Can I see your consent form? Of course, here it is.

Can I see a sample report? Of course, here it is.

These are FAQs for a reason, lots of people ask them - if you're still not sure, or have further questions please get in touch.

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