DNA Fragmentation

DNA Fragmentation and Sperm Quality Test

Looking inside your sperm!

We work closely with Sperm comet to provide patients with a DNA fragmentation test, we offer this test at the lowest price in the entire UK.

Most couples who are trying to conceive are familiar with the term ‘sperm count’, that deals with the quantity of sperm. The DNA fragmentation test gives extra important information as it looks at sperm quality. It identifies DNA damage in sperm. DNA is the code of life so damaged sperm DNA reduces the chance of a pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The DNA fragmentation test allows men to take control of their fertility. If your DNA fragmentation level is high simple lifestyle changes can reduce this and increase your chances of becoming a Dad. Also by checking sperm DNA  before fertility treatment, this test can reduce the loss of valuable time and financial costs, and not least, emotional headache, which can be hardest of all.

Cost £350

(Including consultation)

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