DNA Fragmentation Test

To assess the quality of your sperm in more detail

sperm dna fragmentation testing

DNA Fragmentation Test

A DNA fragmentation test looks inside your sperm to assess the quality of its DNA. This test tells us whether there is any DNA damage (fragmentation) in your sperm, which is important information we can’t get from a semen analysis alone.

Research shows that sperm DNA quality is an essential factor for pregnancy. Therefore, DNA fragmentation testing is fast becoming the go-to assessment to understand a man’s fertility on a deeper level.


Why have a DNA fragmentation test?

DNA is the code of life. So, if the sperm’s DNA is damaged, it reduces the chance of pregnancy and a healthy baby. Research shows that high levels of DNA fragmentation in sperm is associated with infertility, failure of IVF treatment, and early miscarriage.

A DNA fragmentation test can detect male fertility issues that may be missed during a traditional semen analysis.

Who should have a DNA fragmentation test?

We would recommend a DNA fragmentation test for anyone who:

  • Has been trying to conceive for one year or more
  • Is considering IVF treatment
  • Has had unsuccessful IVF treatment
  • Has suffered a miscarriage


Why choose us for your DNA fragmentation test?

No hidden fees: £450 for the DNA fragmentation test. We offer a consultation for a reduced fee of £55 when booked with this test.

Results reviewed by a Urologist: If you choose to have a consultation, the outcome of your DNA fragmentation test will be reviewed by one of our Consultant Urologists. This is vitally important to best understand how your DNA fragmentation results relate to your fertility outcomes. The Urologist will provide recommendations based on your results and personal circumstances.

Advice and recommendations: If you choose to have a consultation, we will review the results with you and outline potential next steps. This may include a referral to a urologist or a treatment pathway that is tailored to you and your unique needs.


What's next?

If your DNA fragmentation results come back as abnormal, we will advise you how to best investigate the cause and identify treatment options to reduce the DNA damage in your sperm.

Reducing high levels of DNA fragmentation will ultimately improve your fertility and increase your chances of pregnancy.

Many causes of DNA fragmentation are related to sub-optimal testicular function and could be caused by factors like varicoceles, infections, and even lifestyle factors.

At Fertility Solutions, we work closely with Consultant Urologist, Mr Jonathan Ramsay. Mr Ramsay is deeply knowledgeable about DNA fragmentation and has helped countless men decrease DNA damage in their sperm. Depending on the cause of your high DNA fragmentation, there is a good chance we could help improve yours too.

For more information about DNA fragmentation testing, please get in touch.


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