Advanced Male Fertility Tests

A more comprehensive assessment of sperm quality

Advanced Male Fertility Tests

A semen analysis is an excellent introductory test when it comes to male fertility as it can highlight issues relating to sperm numbers, shape, and swimming ability. However, a semen analysis doesn’t confirm definitively that you are fertile.

To assess your fertility more conclusively, there are a selection of more detailed male fertility tests you can have and be referred for.

The Fertility Solutions clinics across London and the home counties offer a range of male fertility tests to help you better understand your reproductive potential.


Why have additional male fertility tests?

Advanced male fertility tests give you a more complete picture of your fertility and reproductive potential. They can highlight issues that will not be visible during a routine semen analysis and diagnose whether male fertility issues are affecting your chances of conception. Get in touch to see which advanced male fertility tests would be best for you.

What are the additional male fertility tests?

We exclusively offer a wide range of advanced male fertility tests, and our expert team can advise you about which tests are most suited to you and your circumstances. Some of the advanced male fertility tests available at Fertility Solutions include:

  • DNA fragmentation
  • Semen culture
  • Male microbiome
  • Diagnostic Zymot testing
  • Testicular ultrasound scan
  • Male hormone profile (FSH, LH, prolactin, and testosterone)
  • Genetic testing (Y chromosome microdeletions and cystic fibrosis)
  • Karyotyping (checking the number and structure of the sex chromosomes)
  • Screening tests for fertility treatment (Hep B, Hep C, and HIV)


Why choose us for your male fertility tests?

Traditionally, the response to couples facing fertility problems is to focus on the woman with little evaluation of the male partner. At Fertility Solutions, we’re flipping that idea on its head.

It’s essential that both the male and female partner are investigated fully to get a clearer understanding about why a couple are struggling to conceive. That’s why, as well as our range of advanced male fertility tests, we also offer comprehensive female fertility and couple’s fertility testing. By investigating and treating you together, we give you the best chance of having a baby.

Our aim is to take the mystery away and help you make sense of your fertility. We have appointments available most days, including evenings and weekends, to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Please get in touch to find out more.

difference between azoospermia and oligospermia


What's next?

The good news is that even if the results of your advanced male fertility tests come back as abnormal, there is a lot we can do. There are many causes of male infertility, and many of these can be improved with treatment.

We work closely with consultant fertility urologist, Mr Jonathan Ramsay. Mr Ramsay is globally renowned and leads the field in men’s fertility. Together, we can help you improve your reproductive potential and boost your odds of becoming a parent.

Get in touch to discuss advanced male fertility testing and learn how we can help you on your fertility journey.


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