Don’t wait a year

There are many reasons to get your fertility checked promptly. A semen analysis is a really good, one test indication, of a man’s fertility potential. It is quick, non invasive and when interpreted correctly, I would argue it is the most cost effective fertility test for couples that there is. If found to be abnormal, contrary to popular belief, there is a lot that can be done to reverse any problem. It is important to address any issues quickly, as sperm are continuously produced and quite sensitive to their environment.

Current Guidelines state that a couple should wait a year until a semen analysis is necessary. However, in my opinion, these guidelines fail to take into account a couples individual circumstances. This is especially true when your partner is over 30. Female age is hugely significant when you are trying to conceive a baby. It is the one issue that all fertility specialists universally agree on.

This is primarily because a women is born with all of her eggs. Over time the number of eggs and their viability decrease. This decrease becomes hugely significantly as women approach their mid thirties to forties. Sperm problems are much easier to reverse, but they can take some time to be effective. So done early you can save yourself many fertility years if there is a problem.

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