Fertility preservation

Sperm freezing at Fertility Solutions.

Why consider fertility preservation

Fertility preservation, sperm freezing, can increase your chances of falling pregnant at a more advanced age. Fertility preservation is often used because you have not found a partner or you are simply not ready to start a family. Another reason why men look into fertility preservation may include the timing of treatment for a serious illness that you may need to undergo, which could damage your fertility in the future as well as falling sperm count.


We would recommend sperm freezing for fertility preservation to men who: Have a low sperm count

    • Are considering having children later in life
    • Need to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer treatment
    • Are undergoing surrogacy arrangements

You cannot go back and change the past when it comes to fertility and fertility preservations. So have the conversations now, be guided by our expert team and give yourself options later on.

Traditionally, the response to a couple facing fertility problems has been to focus on the woman with little evaluation of the male partner.

Often, assessing the couple as a whole and correcting any abnormal results will result in drastic improvements in male fertility and therefore likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

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What does fertility preservation involve

Sperm freezing with Fertility Solutions is very straightforward involving just one visit to the clinic. All blood tests and sperm tests are done on the same day. We send you to one of the foremost sperm donation and freezing centres in the UK.

Sperm freezing
  • Sperm freezing is very effective and very successful as sperm survive the freezing process well. Sperm can be frozen for up to 50 years and provides you with a very realistic option to fertility issues. One ejaculate can provide enough sperm for multiple treatments.


  • From the receptionist to the medical staff, we were given the best advise, a lot of empathy and brilliant service every step of the way. From testing to report it was done very quickly. Couldn't ask to speak to better people.
    Couldn’t ask to speak to better people.
  • The whole process was amazing and highly informative.
  • Brilliant service, got the results very quickly, I would highly recommend to everyone.
    A brilliant service
  • From the initial enquiry to the actual appointments very smooth. Very helpful and supportive team. The instructions sent via email very clear and staff always at hand to help with any queries.
    Very helpful and supportive team
  • Great fertility clinic with amazing supportive team. Smooth process all the way through from initial enquiry to the actual appointment.
    A great fertility clinic
  • Simple, informative and experience of the staff gives you the peace of mind you crave during a difficult situation.
    Experience of the staff gives you the peace of mind you crave
  • Very professional, told me exactly what to expect from the process. Results consultation was well conducted helping me to understand my diagnosis and explaining the next steps.
    Helping me to understand my diagnosis
  • “In what was potentially the most awkward hospital appointment in my life, Claire made me feel relaxed and at ease from the outset.”
    Claire made me feel relaxed
  • “Extremely helpful staff, very easy to find the place. Everything was easy and quick without complications and very clean. The staff sorted me within few mints of arrival. Thanks for everything.”
    Thanks for everything
  • “Claire was very sympathetic and understanding to the issues we are facing. Was accommodating and gave an explanation through every part of the process.”
    My wife is pregnant

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We understand that embarking on any treatment journey is daunting and fertility treatment is no different. The team at Fertility Solutions is here to guide you every step of the way. Our aim at Fertility Solutions is to take the mystery away, help you make sense of the medical information and provide simple, clear facts about what is possible for you.

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We hold daily clinics at six prominent private hospitals. Clinics take place to fit in around busy lives in discreet, private and comfortable surroundings.