Save your cycles with a DNA Fragmentation test

Save your cycles! This week we are talking all about DNA fragmentation test and the importance of testing sperm genetics before going ahead with fertility treatment cycles such as IVF and IUI.

A DNA fragmentation test, or sperm quality check, looks inside your sperm’s DNA to assess the quality of your sperm. A DNA fragmentation test gives important information as it identifies DNA damage within the sperm. Research has shown that DNA quality is an important factor in male fertility and is fast becoming the go-to fertility test to really understand a man's fertility.

For couples that have struggled with fertility problems for more than one year, or have had a failed cycle of fertility treatment a DNA fragmentation test is recommended.

At Fertility Solutions we believe that both partners should be fully investigated before they go ahead with any fertility treatments, such as IVF or IUI, to make sure that the treatment will have the best possible outcome.

It is incredibly sad to see yet it happens far too often, many couples come to see us after one or more failed cycle of fertility treatment to investigate why it isn’t working. We would like to see a change!

As many of you may know, fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI and ICSI can be very expensive not to mention emotionally and physically exhausting. By having the full set of male fertility investigations beforehand, such as a DNA fragmentation test, you have the opportunity to assess and enhance the sperm quality prior to a treatment cycle to maximise your chances of having successful fertility treatment.

For couples that are having treatment on the NHS, we strongly advise this as couples are usually only offered one cycle of fertility treatment and may not get the best outcome if the fertility of both partners is not understood. So why not give that cycle the best chance of being successful by optimising everything before you start.

It is such a shame, and happens all too often, but we are driving the change and pushing for men’s fertility to be investigated before precious time, money and emotions are put through cycles of IVF or IUI.

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