Semen analysis or sperm count

Semen analysis or a sperm count? Often the two phrases are used interchangeably and it's not quite correct! Although a semen analysis is sometimes called a sperm test the phrase "sperm count" really undersells this investigation!

A semen analysis or sperm count (well not just a sperm count) is an investigation into the production of good numbers of healthy, motile sperm which is the single most important indictor when considering a man’s ability and likelihood of fathering a child. So, you can see why the phrase sperm count comes into it as we are looking at the number of sperm BUT not just the number. We are specifically looking for good quality, moving, healthy sperm (and hopefully lots of it!). So if we were just counting how many sperm there we we wouldn't be doing our job properly!

Although a semen analysis is not a true, direct measure of fertility it is an excellent indicator of the probability of conception from the male fertility perspective.

So, who should have a semen analysis? 

in general, we would usually recommend a semen analysis for anyone who has been trying to start a family for 6 months especially if the female partner is over 30 years of age. It is important to check this as an abnormal semen analysis result can be a gauge of a man's overall health so it's worth know if something isn't right!

What does a semen analysis include? 

Every single on of our semen analyses at Fertility Solutions is performed by an exceptionally qualified Consultant Embryologist. Your next question might be "Does that matter?" and 100% it does! Subtle but significant problems with sperm motility (therefore quality) are very challenging to identify so having a highly trained pair of eye performing the analysis is key! Furthermore, embryologists work in fertility units everyday processing sperm for IVF, IUI and ICSI so a certainly best placed to identify and diagnose abnormalities, however small.

We will always give you a full breakdown and discussion of the results of your investigations as well as giving you the best treatment options so you will go home not just with answers but also a plan.

Who is involved? 

Our world renowned urologist, Mr Jonathan Ramsay (widely regarded as the UK’s leading expert in male fertility), will review your results and outline treatment options for you. Our embryologists will discuss this with you and construct a referral or treatment pathway tailored to you.

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