Sperm test in Hampshire

At Fertility Solutions we can offer our patients a rapid sperm test in Hampshire. We have multiple clinics across London and surrounding counties including Hampshire and a range of different fertility tests to ensure that you and your partner get not only results but also discussion of the results with a male fertility expert so that you understand them.

A sperm test, which can also be referred to as a semen analysis, is a test that is done on men that are suffering from fertility problems. A sperm test is a key indicator when considering a man’s ability and likelihood of fathering a child. So, what actually is a sperm test? A sperm test analyses the production of good numbers of healthy, motile sperm which is the single most important indictor when considering a man’s ability and likelihood of fathering a child.

We recommend this couples that have been struggling to conceive for longer than 6 months or if the female partner is over the age of 30 (your partners age can have a huge impact on fertility). A lot of couples do not know that 50% of fertility problems are linked to the male factor, so often there is a long delay in getting the man tested.

Fertility Solutions is unique because we promise that if you have a sperm term in Hampshire, or any of our other clinics, our experts will discuss the results with you and your partner and make sure that there is a plan of action moving forward. Our team will work together with you to ensure that you have the highest chance of getting pregnant.

If you would like to book with Fertility Solutions for a sperm test in Hampshire, please call us on 01753 891118 or email us on claire@fertility-solutions.net

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