Supporting IVF at home and abroad


If you are considering IVF either in the UK or overseas we will support you to improve the chances of a successful outcome.

When necessary, IVF is an important part of the male fertility treatment process that has brought numerous joy to infertile couples in the last 40 years, however the treatment is expensive both emotionally and financially. Success rates of IVF vary greatly but improve when your sperm are as healthy as possible.

Historically fertility investigations have focused on the female partner, it is our experience that for a successful outcome equal attention must be paid to the man.

We offer the gold standard of initial male fertility testing, that is a semen analysis to check your sperm quantity and a DNA fragmentation test to test the quality of your sperm with, most importantly, a review of the results by a top male fertility expert, a urologist.

If your test results reveal a problem our urologists are very experienced at investigating and treating you to improve your sperm and thus improve the chances of a successful treatment outcome.

As an independent clinic we do not have financial relationships with other clinics and therefore are also able to assist you to select the very best IVF clinics in the UK with the highest success rates that would suit your individual needs.

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