Are all sperm tests equal?

Are all sperm tests equal?

Semen analysis has long been the accepted routine test for assessing male fertility. However, in the wrong hands sperm tests have serious limitations. A semen analysis can offer a wealth of information about your fertility with sperm numbers, how your sperm swim and sperm shape. The latter being all important when assessing your fertility and the likelihood of conception.

However many aspects of male fertility testing are still overlooked in their relevance and importance. For example low sperm volume and low PH are associated with obstruction of the male reproductive system. This can result in high DNA fragmentation levels and general infertility. High PH on the other hand can indicate an infection or inflammation, again this can result in infertility.

Correct interpretation of sperm tests is therefore vital to assess your fertility. A low sperm count should ultimately never be ignored as this can be associated with more in depth health issues such as diabetes, obstruction, varicocele and infection. These conditions will affect your fertility and require treatment.

For this reason it is important for semen analysis tests to be done by specialised staff under controlled conditions.

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