Couples Fertility Service

Fertility solutions are excited to announce a couples fertility testing and consultation service. This offering is in partnership with our colleagues Neale Watson and Jacky Taylor. We are offering this service at our Spire Thames Valley Hospital clinic, offering couples the chance to assess their fertility potential together. 

We are offering a full semen analysis with a urological review for the male partner. In addition, for the female partner we offer an AMH blood test to understand your ovarian reserve and an ultrasound scan. 

After the tests have been completed, Mr Watson will discuss them in consultation with you. We recommend this service both for couples that are trying to conceive and those couples thinking about conceiving. We will tailor the consultation to your personal circumstances. Your fertility potential will be discussed with you and, if necessary, we will offer you a treatment plan and pathway. 

Finally, if you choose to have your initial fertility tests done in London this is no problem. We can carry out your semen analysis and AMH tests at our London Laboratory. This will be prior to and thus in time for your fertility consultation at the Spire Thames Valley Hospital, near Slough. If you have any questions we would be only too happy to discuss them with you.

Call us to discuss this further.