Testing your sperm at home

Testing your sperm at home

Don’t use a kit bring your sample from home to us!

We completely understand that the idea of ordering a sperm testing kit online allowing a fertility test in the comfort of your own home sounds like a great idea, no embarrassment, no stressful conversations with strangers….

It would be, if the test kits were always accurate and looked at all aspects of a semen sample necessary for fertility. There are a number of kits out there, some look at sperm count and now some look at motility, but no kits look for infection in your sample or at the shape of your sperm and a number of other parameters that are important in assessing your fertility. Most importantly no kits will understand your personal circumstances.

There is no online kit that can substitute for a semen analysis performed by an expert, reviewed by a male fertility expert and then explained fully to you. This is vitally important as subtle yet significant problems with sperm are hard to identify and it takes an exceptionally trained eye to do so. Embryologists routinely process sperm for IVF procedures and therefore are best placed to assess and diagnose any semen analysis abnormalities. As standard Fertility Solutions will give you a full breakdown of the results of your semen analysis within two days of your test so you will quickly have answers and a plan. We charge £165 for a semen analysis with full discussion and NHS approved report.

If you want to produce your sperm at home, no problem, we are happy to accept samples produced at home…. If you don’t want to speak to anyone about your fertility we are also very happy for you to just book your test online to suit you. You can drop off your sample and then receive the results by email, with a telephone call to explain the results, it’s up to you.

If you would like any more information don’t hesitate to call us, an embryologist will be happy to help.

Claire Mooney
Consultant Embryologist

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