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Getting a sperm test can be a very overwhelming prospect. The thought of waiting ages to be offered an appointment can add to this stress. You may also have a busy schedule that makes booking set appointment times difficult. We offer 

Why is important to get your sperm tested if you’re planning a family?

50% of infertility is caused by the man. We start with male fertility investigations as this is the most efficient way to begin your fertility journey. Our aim at Fertility Solutions is to give you the most information with the least invasive tests. We help you make sense of the medical information and provide simple, clear facts about your fertility potential.

Semen analysis, also called a sperm test, is an analysis of the production of good numbers of healthy, motile sperm. This measure is the single most important indicator when considering a man's ability and likelihood of fathering a child. Although a semen analysis or sperm test is not always a direct measure of fertility, it is an excellent indicator of the man's fertility potential and the perfect place to start.

We would recommend a semen analysis for anyone who has been trying to start a family for 6 months especially if the female partner is over 30.

Traditionally, the response to a couple facing fertility problems has been to focus on the woman with little evaluation of the male partner. Often, assessing why a semen analysis is abnormal and correcting the abnormal result will result in drastic improvements in male fertility and therefore likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

The good news is that even if the results of your semen analysis do come back as abnormal there is lots we can do. There are many causes of male infertility a majority of which can be improved with treatment.

We work with consultant fertility urologists Mr Jonathan Ramsay and Mr Jas Kalsi. They are globally renowned and currently leading the field in men’s fertility.

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