DNA fragmentation testing and understanding the results
DNA fragmentation testing sperm is very complex and to really understand whether the results are abnormal, we need to understand a number of key factors.
Those factors are how long the couple have been trying for, whether or not they have had fertility treatment that hasn’t been successful and if they have suffered from any miscarriages. This is because we know that there are a lot of grey areas when it comes to DNA fragmentation testing and whether the results are normal or not, this is why we feel it is very important to include the discussion of the results in the cost of the test.
At Fertility Solutions we feel it is very important to discuss the results and understand how they actually relate to the couple’s fertility experience. Only in doing this can we really start to understand if the man needs to see a male fertility specialist consultant or not. It is important that your test is analysed by an expert in male fertility to help get the best outcome from the test.
The answer to high DNA fragmentation in sperm is to not continue fertility treatment with the same sperm, it is to press pause and improve the sperm quality, by seeing and seeking treatment from a male fertility consultant before you undergo any further fertility treatment. If the sperm quality is improved, the chance of successful fertility treatment should also increase.
When doing a DNA fragmentation test this is the question we try to answer; is there a problem with the quality of the sperm and can it be improved if you are given the right treatment.
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