Fertility Clinic in Beaconsfield

Fertility Solutions, in collaboration with Mr Jonathan Ramsay and Dr Lynne Chapman, has set up a male and female fertility clinic in Beaconsfield at the Beaconsfield Clinic. Here we have tried to make a private fertility clinic a little more accessible with all the tests available onsite. What we are aiming for here is a “one stop” service – with everything you need under one roof. With an expert team at your fingertips, we are striving to improve the standard of fertility care available to our patients. Now, of course it is not quite “one stop” in that some of the tests can take two weeks to be returned however the semen analyses and ultrasound scans are available on the same day.

Our outstanding male fertility urologist, Mr Jonathan Ramsay, is onsite providing consultations, treatment and advice to our male patients, as is Ms Lynne Chapman, specialist in reproductive medicine and gynaecology, to provide further advice to couples where necessary and to introduce patients to cycles of IVF and ICSI.

A little bit more about Mr Jonathan Ramsay – he is a Consultant Urologist specialising in male fertility investigation and treatment. Jonathan works closely with men of all ages and particularly supports their health and well-being on their fertility journey. His role as a urologist working in fertility care makes him unique; he is one of just a few in the country.

Now to highlight Dr Lynne Chapman - A UK clinical leader with more than 15 years of experience in evidence-based gynaecology, reproductive medicine & assisted conception. Throughout her career Lynne has been at the forefront of assisted conception and fertility science. During that time, she has guided thousands of couples and families on their journey to conception with IVF, egg freezing, sperm and egg donor services, and fertility therapies.

Our aim at the Fertility Clinic in Beaconsfield is to make your life, during what can be a very troubling, stressful and emotional time, that bit easier. We do this by trying to reduce the number of clinic visits for you and provide you with a clinic that is more accessible (and with free parking!).

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