Get yourself a sperm test first

Get yourself a sperm test first

At Fertility Solutions we so often see couples who have been through numerous intrusive tests for the female partner without the man having a sperm test. Female fertility tests can be emotionally, financially and physically draining. They can include several blood tests, multiple scans (both internal and external) and even then, can often be inconclusive.

We often see couples who have had two or three years of treatments and tests, that is only focused on the female partner! The saddest part of this that all of time and heartache could be saved by one simple test. Identifying problems with male fertility by getting a sperm test first, allows the man to be treated and subsequent fertility treatment to have the greatest chance of success. Treatments such as IVF, ICSI and IUI do not enhance male fertility, so sperm quality should always be optimised prior to treatment to give them the best possible chance of success. So, don’t delay, don’t wait three years!

A simple sperm test can give so much information and save a huge amount of money and time. Often, we find that a man may have sperm abnormalities or a low sperm count, which when treated, usually results in a successful, natural pregnancy without the need of invasive and rigorous testing on the woman.

So, what actually is a sperm test?

A sperm test is very simple and completely non invasive. The man can either come to the clinic and produce a sample or produce a sample in the comfort of their own home and then bring it to the clinic the same day. The turnaround time of the test results is incredibly quick and gives a wealth of information about the male partner’s fertility potential. When you have sperm test with Fertility Solutions, our urologist will review your results as standard, and we will discuss this with you fully to help you and your partner make a decision about what the best next step is in terms of treatment.

It always surprises our patients to learn that the cause of infertility lies 50/50 between the male and female partners. So often people assume that the problem is more likely to be associated with the woman, however male fertility problems are on the rise. Lifestyles, diets, chemicals and some many other factors are associated with plummeting sperm counts.

Fertility Solutions is one of only two dedicated male fertility clinics in the country. The beauty of male fertility tests is that they give conclusive answers. We find it incredibly sad to see couples who have been through so many years of unsuccessful treatment cycles and numerous tests, we have made it out mission to raise awareness of male infertility and the value of getting a sperm test.

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