Doing male fertility tests

We speak to a lot of patients who come to see us having done a lot of male fertility tests. Almost always, they have done research on the internet and have been doing male fertility tests as a result of this research. We live in a world where we can research everything and self-diagnosis is commonplace, but this random approach to fertility testing and diagnosis is extremely ineffective.

Male fertility is complex as complex as female fertility and although you may feel like you have done lots of tests and you have been excluding lots of infertility causes ultimately, all of these different parameters react together and a specialist clinic or consultant is required to piece the puzzle together to give you the answers you deserve. Without guidance proper diagnosis and treatment is not possible.

For this reason, at Fertility Solutions, we don’t offer one-off testing, the reason is that we don’t feel it is appropriate to charge patients for tests if they are ultimately not helpful to patients in the long run. Test results on a piece a of paper in isolation without patient history, medical information and an understanding of lifestyle coupled with examination give the patient very little in regard to information about their fertility and how to improve it.

Think of it a little bit like reading a book – you cannot read just one page or just one chapter of a book and think that you have a good understanding of the plot.

We always advise that once male infertility has been identified that the man sees a urologist to understand the cause of infertility and rectify it this is the most effective and appropriate cause of action and ultimately will improve the chances of natural conception and the success rates of fertility treatments.

If you have questions about doing male fertility tests, the process or would like clarification please do get in touch.

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