Male fertility testing at a female clinic?

Why do people go to a women’s clinic to have male fertility testing done?

It sounds bizarre when you say it out loud but this happens so often! Surely a male fertility clinic would be better suited to investigate male fertility and perform male fertility testing? So why are men attending women’s fertility clinics to have male tests done? In our opinion it is all due to history, due to expectations and historic expectations. Fertility is very much seen as a female issue, and although this goes back for a few hundred years the prejudice still exists in today’s protocols and regimes. This is why most people find it acceptable to have a male fertility test done at a female fertility clinic.

However, this is to great disadvantage to both the man and the couple as a whole when it comes to both their fertility tests, diagnosis and potential treatment. To view male fertility results properly in a way that they result in an improvement to fertility and an improvement to the couple’s fertility outcome, they must be review by somebody who specialises in and understands male fertility and the issues surrounding male fertility.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to male fertility. Sadly, many men are made to feel guilty about their fertility, that it is somehow their fault and that problems with their fertility are attributable to something that they are doing. Whilst lifestyle factors are important in the process of fertility, they really are not the everything. Most men who come to see us with male fertility issue have physiological, diagnosable male fertility conditions which with appropriate consideration and treatment can improve the sperm quality and the fertility outcome for the couple. So what we are saying in this week’s blog is that male fertility should be investigated carefully by male fertility specialists.

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