IVF Clinic

An IVF clinic is a fertility clinic providing IVF and other fertility treatments. Fertility Solutions offers a different and, in our experience, more successful approach to most IVF clinics in that we specialise in both male and female fertility from investigation and diagnosis to advice and treatment.

What is IVF?

IVF is the mixing of sperm and egg in a laboratory setting to create embryos for storage and transfer back to the woman. The woman is required to take injectable fertility medication to encourage her ovaries to produce multiple eggs. The eggs mature prior to egg retrieval under ultrasound guidance. Once the eggs have been retrieved, embryologists will combine the eggs with the sperm in the laboratory. The sperm may from her sperm donor or her male partner. Once the sperm fertilises the eggs, the embryologist will monitor their progress, growth and development. Once the embryos have matured in the lab for several days one embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus.

Why is Fertility Solutions IVF Clinic different?  

With more tailored prior investigations and optimisation of fertility, IVF can help couples overcome some causes of infertility and help those people start a family. At Fertility Solutions, we sadly see many couples that have had a number of failed IVF cycles that are only just coming to us to find out if the fertility problems are caused by a male factor fertility issue. Many couples have been told that no male fertility issue exists as they have had a “normal” semen analysis but this is too limited an approach to male fertility as normal semen analysis does NOT confirm that a man is fertile as it does not test the quality of the sperm or address the man clinically.

No couple should be told that they need IVF treatment before they have had a full male fertility assessment beforehand. Often assessing the man is overlooked without consideration that 50% of all fertility issues are linked to the male factor. That’s what makes us different – we have the expertise to investigate both the man and the woman prior to any treatment to give the best possible outcome.

Having a simple sperm test before IVF can be the difference between success and failure.

If you would like to speak to our team about male, female or couple’s fertility testing, please contact us on 01753 891118 to book an appointment at one of our clinics.

This article is intended to inform and give insight but not treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a doctor. Always seek medical advice with any questions regarding a medical condition.



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