Male fertility treatment and advice

Fertility solutions is led by world renowned fertility urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay, under Mr Ramsay’s direction we offer the highest level of male fertility advice, care and treatment at our male fertility treatment clinic London.

  • If you have had an abnormal semen analysis elsewhere
    • If you have had a semen analysis done by your GP that has been described as abnormal, we understand how stressful this can be. A consultant urologist (a male fertility expert) will review your results and a treatment plan can then be offered to you. Abnormal sperm parameters can be improved with the correct guidance.
  • Before you have IVF…
    • At Fertility solutions we understand and support the IVF process when necessary. However this is an expensive process both emotionally as well as financially and it is advisable to check the health of your sperm thoroughly first, to improve the chances of a successful outcome. A DNA fragmentation test combined with a semen analysis gives a more comprehensive view of your fertility potential.
  • If IVF has failed
    • An IVF cycle can fail at any stage, for you this maybe fertilisation or your embryos may have arrested before they reach the blastocyst stage. Your embryos may not have implanted or you may have suffered a miscarriage.
    • In our experience the cause for this failure can be related to the quality of the sperm. Conventional semen analysis does not examine the genetic health of your sperm, the DNA.  We can now test this using a DNA fragmentation test. High DNA fragmentation in sperm is related to infertility, a failure of IVF procedures as well as an increased chance of miscarriage.
  • If there is a problem with your sperm
    • If your DNA fragmentation is found to be high, or your semen analysis is abnormal, importantly a urologist will review your results whilst also taking into consideration your individual circumstances. Advice and treatment will then be offered to help determine the cause of the high levels of fragmentation. This improves both the chances of successful IVF and indeed natural conception.

At our male fertility treatment clinic London and at all of our clinics, you can be assured of the best possible advice, treatment and outcome.


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