Expert team at Fertility Solutions

Meet the expert team at Fertility Solutions

We are very proud of the team at Fertility Solutions, we work with the best of the best when it comes to fertility - both male and female. Under the expert eyes of Claire Mooney and Jonathan Ramsay, two of the UK’s leading male fertility experts, you will find a team of world class specialists ready to guide you on your fertility journey. When you visit Fertility Solutions, you will have access to some of the world’s leading minds in both male and female fertility treatment. Our fully integrated expert team at Fertility Solutions means we take care of every step of your journey for you from initial assessment and investigations to diagnosis and fertility treatment. Having access to exceptionally experienced and qualified doctors for both men and women equally, combined with a service that meets the highest standard Fertility Solutions is a male fertility clinic like no other.

So who is who in our expert team at Fertility Solutions?

Ms Claire Mooney

Consultant Embryologist

Claire is a consultant embryologist with over 24 years’ experience in assisted conception and is our medical director at fertility solutions. She has worked and trained in some of the most successful IVF units in the world. Claire specialises in Male fertility and believes that in an assisted conception industry that focuses heavily on the female partner it is now essential to turn our attention to the male partner. Claire set up fertility solutions with Mr Ramsay to provide Men with a facility first to test but ultimately then improve their fertility to increase the chances of a natural conception and also if necessary to improve the outcomes of Assisted conception (IVF, IUI and ICSI).

Claire's mission is to bring male fertility to the forefront of patient's minds to the benefit of the couple. Claire focusses on investigating the man first in the couple's fertility journey with the aim of assisting natural conception.

Mr Jonathan Ramsay

Consultant Urologist

Mr Ramsay has been a Consultant Urologist at Hammersmith, Charing Cross and Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals since 1988. He works closely with the fertility units, both at Hammersmith and Chelsea, and is also a visiting urologist to fertility clinics in Bucks, Sussex, and Central London. Research interests and publications include methods and outcomes of sperm retrieval, vasectomy reversal and the genetic causes of infertility. Mr Ramsay is a UK leading male fertility specialist, and widely regarded as the leading expert in this field. Men with presumed fertility problems require individual care, diagnosis and advice, otherwise they feel abandoned by the doctors who can do so much for their partners, and sometimes they feel guilty that there seems to be so little they can do to help the situation. Mr Ramsay’s practice in men’s fertility aims to answer three important questions. Firstly, is there a ‘male factor’ problem? Secondly, can we diagnose a cause? Thirdly, can we offer straight-forward (evidence-based) treatment?

Ms Erica Foster

Consultant Embryologist

Erica holds a BSc in Molecular Genetics, an MSc in Human Reproduction and the ACE Certificate in Clinical Embryology. Having worked in reproductive science for 11 years, she has helped countless people build their families. Erica has set up a new donor sperm bank within a large NHS Hospital in North London. She also works part-time as an embryologist in one of UK’s largest and most successful private IVF clinics.

Erica is highly skilled in male fertility diagnostics and is one of the foremost technicians in locating and identifying sperms during sperm mapping and biopsy procedures.

Erica is one of the most highly trained embryologists in the UK in sperm donation, freezing and transportation law. Erica is renowned for her expert ability in male diagnostics, identifying subtle abnormalities dismissed by less expert examination giving her unparalleled success in this field.

Mr Jas Kalsi

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Jas Kalsi is a fully accredited Consultant Urological surgeon and Andrologist, has specialist registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in Urological Surgery (FRCS (Urol)). He is a full member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) and the European Association of Urology (EAU).

Mr Kalsi currently works at Imperial College Healthcare in London and Frimley Health as a Consultant Urological surgeon and is an international expert in male infertility, male sexual and genital conditions (andrology) and is a specialist in the use of microsurgery (vas reversal, varicocele and sperm retrieval).

Lynne Chapman

Consultant Gynaecologist

Lynne is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and also holds a BSc in Neuroscience. She graduated from University College London Medical School in the year 2000. She has been working at the cutting edge of reproductive medicine at a number of high-profile clinics in London for many years. Lynne has experienced the emotional as well as physical aspects of IVF having had children through assisted conception herself. Her experience has given her the insights to be able to provide the highest standard of personalised care for her patients. She currently performs fertility procedures at the Lister Hospital, Chelsea and takes consultations in Beaconsfield and Wimpole Street.

Her extensive personal, professional and clinical experience gives her a unique insight into the challenges of the fertility journey.

Mr Neale Watson

Gynaecologist and obstetric surgeon

Mr Watson is a fertility consultant with over 25 years’ experience. Mr Watson’s practice is aimed at patients of all ages with gynaecological issues specialising in the investigation and treatment of infertility. Mr Watson also leads the fertility services at Hillingdon Hospital, with a regular operating list and fertility clinic. Mr Watson also sees antenatal patients.

Mr Neale Watson FRCOG graduated from the Royal Free Hospital in London and started his career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Birmingham where he developed his interest in gynaecological endocrinology.


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